Simplicity 8228 Bralette Pattern Review

In this post, I’ll share my honest review of Simplicity 8228 bralette pattern by Madalynne, with you my experience of sewing the soft cup bra, as well as my general impression of this pattern and hacks I’ve made.

simplicity 8228 bralette sewing pattern review

Pattern Overview

If you are looking for a simple and comfortable bralette pattern, you might want to check out the Simplicity 8228 by Madalynne x Simplicity, with pattern designer Maddie Kulig. 

Just like other Big Four sewing patterns, the S8228 pattern is a paper pattern you can purchase from various sources such as Amazon, Simplicity website or your local Joann stores(where I bought my copy).

This pattern includes soft cup bras in halter or racer back, and panties with scalloped lace trimmings. This great package enables you to make a complete set of lingerie, plus offering 2 views of the bralette for variations!

Simplicity S8228 pattern review

The pattern requires light- to medium-weight knit fabrics with 30-40% stretch, however you can go beyond that for more comfort, but probably not less. This pattern is great for using scalloped stretch lace, and is optimized for that as you can see the finished examples on the cover are all made of scalloped lace. Not only do you get pretty scallop edges but you also save time from finishing some of the edges!

My Simplicity 8228 Bralette Project

Sewing Experience

So for this project, I followed the instructions for View B – the racer back bralette. I generally don’t like to wear a halter neck as I always feel like there’s something pulling down my neck. 

One of the most important things for sewing bras is finding your size, and I followed the instructions religiously to choose the right size. I measured myself as a 32A, which matched my usual bra size (often not the case in bra making).

If you are new to bra making in general, always make sure to use a measuring tape to measure your bust measurements and choose a size. Never use your commercial bra sizes to determine your sewing pattern size.

The instructions are clear and detailed, and I had no problem making the 8228 bralette following all the steps. One thing that really helped me is to watch a sew along videos. I found LizSews’ video extremely detailed and helpful; alternatively you can purchase the pattern designer’s own online course of sewing Simplicity 8228 at a pretty affordable price.

how to make simplicity 8228 bralette

Fabric Choice and Customizations

For this soft cup bralette, I used stretchy lace with 30% stretch bought on Etsy, and powernet as lining because it provides more support than stretch mesh. It was my first time making a bralette, so I worried it would be too loose(later on I moved to stretch mesh for more comfort). 

Although I chose view B with racer back, I did a little variation that eliminates the racer back part but uses bra straps instead. This is something I saw on Madalynne’s blog that I thought was quite cute. 

simplicity 8228 bralette sewing pattern review

I did this for two reasons:

  1. Using a bra strap will make it more forgiving as the strap is adjustable and seems simpler to make than the racer back.
  2. I was trying to save on the fabric and the racer back uses less lace materials.

How it wears

I tried on the bralette and it fits a little tight but still comfortable. I think the pattern size is right for my body, but my fabric choice might have made the fit tighter.

The stretchy lace I chose only offers about 30% stretch, and the elastic is tight. At the same time, powernet is a thicker material and the elastic inside is stronger. So these two factors combined resulted in my bra being a little tighter than expected.

With that being said, it is still a very comfortable bra to wear, especially compared to wired bras!

simplicity 8228 soft cup bra sewing pattern review

In other dimensions, the bralette looked great under my clothes, as it did not create any visible lines or bulges. The powernet plus stretch lace material provided a lot of support to my bust and gave me a natural and smooth shape, and it did not show through my tops. 

I liked the simple and elegant design of the bralette, and the scalloped lace added a touch of femininity and sophistication.

simplicity 8228 bralette project by sewist

Because I used the bra strap, once I adjusted it to the proper length, it was pretty comfortable and stayed on my shoulder most of the time. Another thing I did to prevent strap falling off my shoulder is to keep the strap ends closer to the center of my body. I couldn’t adjust the front position as much, but I did move the strap ends a little towards the center on the back of the bralette.

simplicity 8228 bralette bra making

Simplicity 8228 Bralette Foam Variation

how to sew simplicity 8228 bralette pattern
how to sew S8228 bralette pattern
simplicity 8228 soft cup bralette pattern review

Final Thought on Simplicity 8228 Soft Bra Cup Bralette by Madalynne

I really enjoyed sewing the Simplicity 8228 bralette, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple and comfortable bralette pattern. The pattern is easy to sew and fit, and I will surely try out the true razor back option soon!

I hope you found this post helpful! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below.

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Looking for an easy bralette pattern to sew? I'm sharing my honest review of Simplicity 8228 bralette pattern by Madalynne.


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