Hi, I’m Kelin

Nice to meet you! My name is Kelin and I’m a passionate sewist!

I enjoy sewing clothes for myself, and have since branched into lingerie, accessory, bag and shoe making! In addition to sew commercial patterns, I also design original sewing patterns to complete my dream wardrobe.

I would love to take you on this wild and crazy journey with me. Hope you enjoy your time here and let’s stay connected!

Fun Facts About Me

sewing machine


Non-Sewing Skill

home renovation

go-to garment


Comfort Food

french fries

Must-Have Tool

bias tape maker

favorite Fashion Era

1950s & 1960s

Where this all began

I started sewing after I started my first full-time job in tech, wanting to pursue something that has in my mind for the longest time – making pretty clothes for my self!

I signed up for a local sewing class just to make sure I was able to learn how to use a sewing machine – after all sewing machines look intimidating for complete beginners like me! After the class, I ordered my first sewing machine and the rest is history.

I learnt everything from the wild and beautiful internet thanks to many awesome bloggers and youtubers, which is why I’d love to give back to the community by sharing what I have created and learnt.